Busines Solutions


Tidy Services

 The Tidy Services Team is available to support you in individual requests for:

  • Onboarding: Our team support your company to implement and use your new Tidy software efficiently
  • Systems review or expansion: Our team can analyse your set-up at any time to:
    • ensure your organisation is set up correctly
    • your team is using the software in the most efficient way
    • support in the set up  of new offices 
  • Feature development: Talk to us if your company requires a specific feature.

    If you need specific features to assist your expanding businesses, talk to us. Tidy Services will design, for a fee, specific features, a special report or a change to make your life easier.


What’s the process of feature development?

A feature may seem simple from the user’s perspective, yet every feature typically contains significant complexities. Only the Development Team, with in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of our software, can assess the amount of work involved to affect that change.

The team needs to meet to refine the options and come up with the best, most cost-effective solution that will fully meet the customer’s needs. Your request may be simple, straight forward and indeed less time consuming to develop, than you might think.

Whatever the cost of the feature development, consider the business benefits those changes will bring for a one-off fee and without affecting your monthly outgoings. What is the Return on Investment and payback period of that added feature?

Talk to us to find out what’s involved in creating a solution that works best for your business.


How are the costs calculated?

The cost of feature development is based on the total time spent by all members of the Tidy team to work through a request, i.e. from our business analyst to the software architect, developers, testers, CEO and CTO. Not all time is charged, as synergies may allow us to absorb some of the cost.

Our team are charged out on an hourly rate; Tidy Services will provide a quote for the expected cost before any commitment is made.

Get in touch if you want to find out more.