About us

What we do

We provide powerful, delightfully simple, cloud software to companies all over the world that need to cost, control and deliver projects or manage the stock they process and sell. It’s software designed for busy people and teams who just want to get on with the job of making their businesses great.

We’re really proud of what we do. We love the challenge and responsibility of providing our customers and their teams with an intuitive, efficient and dependable user experience. Our customers tell us how much they love our software and continually help us make it even better.

Our software is designed for teams within larger organisations and small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). We also help Not-For-Profit’s (NFPs) with our Tidy Giving programme.

Why we do it

Providing business software that’s easy to adopt and use, yet powerful, secure and reliable is our continual aim.

We spent decades managing projects, being part of different teams and running companies that depended on great project performance. At the time, we wished we could have seen exactly how projects were performing, as they were happening, rather than in hindsight. We often had to wait for project progress reports that came days or weeks too late to be truly effective. That information lag was frustrating.

We thought, “Why can’t we all see what’s happening now?” The information that would enable us to confidently and efficiently steer the course of the project to success?

We wanted easy-to-use, cost-effective software to avoid budget blow outs, and wanted to know of any problems and trends in real time from wherever we were. We knew there had to be a better way to work and better software. We searched, but could not find anything good enough.

So, in 2008 we changed all that by designing and building TidyWork. The first of our four powerfully simple software products to help improve project and stock management forever.


Our values


We’re a large, motivated, well-functioning, agile team and that extends out to our partners and customers. At Tidy, we support and care about each other, because we know that every person in our team contributes to our success and yours.

There is no place for egos or office politics at Tidy. We just focus on delivering cool results. Our powerful yet simple quality software carries the most clout in our business.



We love it. We’re excited to work with it and advance it. But we never forget that technology is the enabling tool that we provide our customers for their teams to operate and manage to a way higher level and build great businesses.

We won’t bamboozle you with tech jargon. We only ‘speak geek’ if you want us to! We talk in the language of your business.

We’ll just keep providing great software that has the power your team needs yet ensure it’s simple and intuitive. Software that our add-on partners can connect to and extend even further for you. Software that works hard for your business, but doesn’t make a fuss about it.

We believe in reinvesting our profits back into our products because we want our software to keep helping your people and your business to become even better.

Our interest in technology extends beyond our products so we established Cloud Mach 1 – an online space that celebrates what we term ‘business at the speed of cloud’. Mach 1’s mission is to share opinions, facts, trends, commentary and debate on the fast changing world of cloud computing and digital technology, along with human interest stories connected with this new era of rapid change.



Our customers trust us with their business. That’s a big deal. We take this responsibility seriously and we don’t forget it.

We earn that trust by developing great software that makes doing business simpler, securely. And we continue to develop that trust by working together with you and our partners to make it even better.

We love getting to know our amazing customers, understanding what makes you tick, and figuring out how we can help you today and into the future.


What makes us different?

Well, it’s our Kiwi roots for a start! Although these days our team is global and made up of many nationalities. We have worked internationally in business and technology for a long time. True to our New Zealand origin, our team culture remains pretty relaxed and “laid back”, but 100% professional with an attention to detail. Our outlook is international, our products are used globally, but we think locally and with your specific challenges always in mind.

We’re very serious and focused about what we do yet our flexible, open and agile attitudes produce the best results and encourages us all to improve. Doing something we really care about and believe in means we give “our all”.

The freedom at Tidy empowers everyone to give their best however that freedom demands huge responsibility. When we’re working, we’re focused on what we’re doing for you, our customers.

We are absolutely committed to developing the very best software we can for you. Always striving to combine simplicity with power. This takes lots of effort but we are dedicated to always improving the end-user experience and the time required to get that right.

Many of you don’t work 9-to-5, so we don’t either. At Tidy we believe in commitment to our products and customers, but at the same time work flexibly, efficiently and with honest commitment to strike a happy work-life balance.

We have fun! We love technology, so work is not a chore. Exploring ideas within a true respectful team environment encourages us all to be open, creative and innovative.

To those of you yet to join us as a customer, partner, staff member or supplier, we look forward to growing together and collectively retaining the strong values we embrace.