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Starting in the cloud

  • Save time

    Work from anywhere, from any device at any time. No time spent traveling at peak times. No time spent entering data more than once. No time spent updating software and server capabilities. No time spent informing people in other locations; real-time information is available around the globe.
  • Save money

    Cloud computing allows immediate access to cutting edge software solutions without upfront investment. Small businesses have access to the same software solutions as big companies. Data is securely stored in the cloud, there's no need to maintain costly company servers; no money spent on space, power and hardware upgrades.
  • Flexibility

    If your business is seasonal or demands quick changes, cloud based software is easily adjusted. Upscale and downsize at any time, work from various locations and devices at any time of the day. Growing your business does not require a large up-front investment into your IT infrastructure. Your team can update data on site, individually or in bulk. Ease and flexibility are major advantages of cloud computing.
  • Be secure

    Company data is continuously backed up, and won't be affected by storms, earthquakes, fires or theft. Cyber security is safe guarded by professionals and does not rely on individuals manually backing up data or extending the subscription to a firewall. Your data is less susceptible to human error.
  • Pure Cloud

    From the start Tidy chose Microsoft’s global cloud platform to deliver its products to its end-users located across the globe. Azure is the name given to the Microsoft “pure” cloud datacenter network that spans more than 100 sites worldwide. These modern, highly secure, energy efficient sites ensure your data is protected to the utmost level in enterprise grade computing facilities. Tidy is proud to be aligned in philosophy with Microsoft; delivering fast, reliable, secure, clean-energy business solutions.