Cloud-based management for manufacturers 

Do you need to manage projects and stock?

Do you want to make sure jobs and projects are profitable and stock is available to fulfil orders?

TidyEnterprise combines all the features of TidyWork and TidyStock and more in one cloud-based system to help you manage your business processes from quotes through to invoices. Keep track of costs and time scales. Manage materials, stock, and resources to ensure everyone from your employees to sub-contractors, can run your operations simply and powerfully, enabling efficient, profitable results.

TidyEnterprise features support your business to:


Create fixed price quotes or time and material estimates for jobs and projects. Accurately base your quotes on sound, consistent cost data before assigning work. Present reliable pricing to customers for the time, materials, equipment and sub-contractors involved.

The effort involved in providing quotes to your customers is often time consuming. To ensure all that effort is not lost, Tidy will send all data across to the project once the quote is accepted. Fast, error free and no rework.

Tracking and budget control

Record details of time, materials and expenses for every project.

Always know how each project is tracking verses budget.

Get real-time information on a project's costs and profitability, so you can see what's on track or perhaps is not keeping to the plan. You then know where to focus the team's attention.


Define, prioritise and assign tasks and their target completion dates.

Manage levels of stock and materials needed for assembly or manufacture.

Schedule resources and allocate staff expertise to make the most efficient use of time and skills. Drag and drop capability will make planning easier.


Manage costs with the ability to create, view and approve purchase orders, including split receipts.


Create assemblies from a bill of materials.


Set realistic and profitable sell prices based on costs.

Produce packing slips and sales orders for easy distribution.


Understand the costs, profits and status of projects and stock levels.

Gain insight into your business productivity and efficiency through extensive reports.

Additional reports to meet specific business needs can be produced on request.


Control costs by approving time, materials and expenses before creating invoices.

Invoices are automatically sent to Xero - the cloud financial accounting system - saving time and reducing input errors.


TidyEnterprise connects with Xero and other popular apps to help you manage all aspects of your business efficiently.

Our customers rely on TidyEnterprise:


Professional Fabrication Services Ltd (PFS Ltd) is an engineering, welding and fabrication business in Holyhead, North Wales. They work in the marine, nuclear, construction and food industries. PFS use TidyEnterprise to keep track of projects and costs to make sure that jobs are profitable.

"TidyEnterprise gives me data and transparency on two key areas - money that’s being spent and what people are doing. Ultimately what I’m seeing with Tidy helps me do those things and it is moving my business forward in the right direction. We run each job as a project in Tidy - any materials, equipment or items that we need for that project have to be raised through Tidy. I can print out a monthly report to show the productivity of my company, which breaks down into my fixed price, time and materials and my overhead type working. It clearly shows me graphically, with clear data where I’m being productive and where I’m not being productive."

Martin Davies, Managing Director


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