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If your customers could benefit from using cloud software that’s powerful yet delightfully simple to manage their projects or stock, and if you want to build your business and grow revenue, then join us as a Tidy Partner.

Partnership with Tidy provides opportunities to increase your business, through recommending Tidy products and connecting with a wider range of customers so we can achieve great things together.

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Partner options

Tidy Affiliate

 Recommend Tidy solutions to your clients

 Earn one-off commissions for each new subscribing customer you introduce

 The fast and easy way to get started as a Tidy Partner

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Tidy Solutions Partner

 Build your revenue and business services

 Earn up to 25% ongoing commission for each customer

 Benefit from a continued and growing revenue stream

 Free Tidy software for use in your business

 Permanent Tidy demo software configured your way to show your clients

 Discounted Tidy training for your team

 Marketing support and materials

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Tidy Gold Solutions Partner

 All the benefits of Tidy Solutions Partner with highest level of ongoing commission

 Tidy customer leads to help you boost opportunities and your business revenue

 Full Tidy Website Listing

 Coordinated promotion of your business success by the Tidy marketing team

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Tidy Marketplace Partner

 Ideal for developers or businesses with an existing cloud product

 Access the Tidy API to develop new tools and services

 Showcase your products to customers in the Tidy Marketplace

 Marketing support and materials

 Coordinated promotion of your business success by the Tidy marketing team

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Tidy Affiliate Partner

If you’re new to Tidy, the fast and easy way to get started is to become a Tidy Affiliate Partner.

Start spreading the word to your network, customers and leads about Tidy’s powerful yet delightfully simple cloud software and earn a one-off commission for each one that signs up.

There’s no cost, or tie in. You’ll receive 3 progressive and increasing milestone payments once each customer converts from a trial to a paid up subscription. These milestones will be at the 3, 6 and 9 month points after conversion  and provided the customer remains a paying subscriber. Respectively the milestone payment will be 25%, 50% and 75% of the preceding month subscription (i.e. months 2, 5 and 8).


Use your network and grow your business

If you’re on LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, or have newsletter or blog subscribers, you can unlock even more value from these connections to boost your growth and income.

For every user that signs and converts to Tidy through your connections, you’ll be entitled to the milestone payments provided the customer continues as a subscriber. That increases the return from your existing business relationships or services you’re providing.

By confidently recommending others to start benefitting from Tidy you do as well!


Interested in becoming a Tidy Affiliate Partner?

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Tidy Solutions Partner

If you’re ready to create more sales and consulting opportunities, becoming a Tidy Solutions Partner can really help you to build your business.

As a Tidy Solutions Partner you receive up to 25% commission for each customer you introduce. You continue to receive your commission for the subscription life of each customer.

The larger your customer, the more this is worth. The more customers you introduce, the more your commission income increases.


Build your business

As a Tidy Solutions Partner there are great opportunities for you to grow your business by providing additional services for your customers linked to Tidy products. These might include: implementation consulting, workflow consulting, project management services and training, or offering reviews and advisory services to ensure your customers continue to benefit from their investment in Tidy.


What else can I expect as a Tidy Solutions partner?

  • Our TidyStart framework will help you to successfully implement Tidy products for your customers.
  • We’ll provide you with marketing and implementation materials you can adapt to your brand.
  • Access to demonstration versions of Tidy software to modify and personalise to the experience you wish to provide to your prospects.
  • Full use of Tidy software at no additional cost to run your own business.
  • Discounts on our training to help your team step up their knowledge and understanding of the power that Tidy software provides.
  • Help from our Tidy Services team if you’re short of the resources you need to meet deadlines and ensure your customers get the quality outcomes they expect.


As a Tidy Solutions Partner what do I have to do?

At least one of your team will be required to get to know the Tidy software you’re working. Start by becoming skilled in one product and step up in knowledge from there. Because all Tidy products build upon each other, it gets easier to learn.

As a recognised Tidy Solutions Partner our team will work with yours. Your commitment earns our support. Growing together is much easier and the end user gets great service and software to boost their business. Everyone is rewarded from the steady, continuous and quality effort.

Teamwork involves commitment to be a success and as a Tidy Solutions Partner we require yours by at least:

  1. Generating an average of 4 new leads per month in each calendar quarter (excluding referrals from Tidy) and
  2. Supporting your existing customers and converting 1 new customer per quarter (excluding referrals from Tidy) and earning:
    a. 15% commission where you invoice and collect the subscription or
    b. 10% commission where we must handle the subscription with the end-user directly or
  3. Supporting your existing customers and converting 2 new customers per quarter (excluding referrals from Tidy) and earning:
    a. 25% commission where you invoice and collect the subscription or
    b. 20% commission where we must handle the subscription with the end-user directly and
  4. Ensuring one of your team is trained in each of the Tidy products you recommend and they maintain their annual certification.


Interested in becoming a Tidy Solutions Partner?

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Tidy Gold Solutions Partner

Unlock the highest level of rewards and commission income once you reach the level of a Tidy Gold Solutions Partner.

As a Tidy Gold Solutions Partner, you’ll be able to demonstrate that you’ve attained the highest level of knowledge about one or more of our products. We’ll know this because your customers will acknowledge the exceptional service and support you provide to them.


What can I expect as a Tidy Solutions Gold partner?

  • You will earn the highest level of recurring commission for the customer leads you convert and support.
  • We will refer business leads to you to help you grow at an even faster pace.
  • We will list and promote your company and its services on the Tidy website to help you generate more leads and business.
  • We will reflect our relationship as partners by helping you create high-quality listing content that will give your customers the reassurance that your business has our backing.

To qualify as a Tidy Gold Solutions Partner you will need to commit to the Tidy Solutions Partner level and at least:

  1. Support 6 Tidy customers during the year since your anniversary (excluding referrals from Tidy)
  2. Produce 3 new customer case studies during that period from any of your end-user customer base.


Interested in becoming a Tidy Solutions Gold Partner?

Contact our team now by e-mailing us


Tidy Marketplace Partner

Start growing your own great cloud software product and give your sales a boost by becoming a Tidy Marketplace Partner. This is the ideal partnership option for developers or businesses with an existing cloud product.


What can I expect as a Tidy Marketplace Partner?

  • Access to our rich API that you can use to start building a connector between your product and ours
  • Help to build and test your product to ensure its commercial success
  • Listing on the Tidy Marketplace – a new channel for your product that connects you with thousands of end-users looking for that extra capability your add-on provides.

If you already have a great cloud software product, get it connected and working alongside ours and promoted it on Tidy’s Marketplace. Increase your software exposure for greater opportunity leading to more sales and users!

If you’re at the ideas stage for an add-on product, and know you’ve got something that will really benefit users when combined with Tidy software, then get in touch. We can help you build and get your product listed on our market place ready to sell.

Our customers love great cloud software that combines effortlessly and provides even more functionality to their business. Talk with one of our team who can help get your product listed.


How do I become a Tidy Marketplace Partner?

Take a look at the existing Tidy Marketplace add-ons and make sure your product is the next one showcased, seen and sold there.

Find the essential technical information you need about our API to help you get started here. This should enable you to get anything from a basic connection working, to a full integration between Tidy and your product.

Any questions? Contact our support team for help.

Before we list your product, our team will test it to ensure it’s ready to withstand the rigors of commercial use by end users. This helps everyone, by making sure your product does the job expected and reduces the need for support.

We will help you with product marketing, so that you’re ready to sell through the Tidy Marketplace.


Interested in becoming a Tidy Partner?

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