TidyWork + Xero

Grow your business with the power and efficiency of TidyWork

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TidyWork + Xero

Grow your business with the power and efficiency of TidyWork

Try Xero for free

TidyWork will make your business more efficient by optimising key processes. Tidy's goal is to create a world where businesses are efficient and sustainable. We have been delivering quality, pure cloud applications to businesses using Xero, being their official partner since 2011.

Official, trusted Xero partner since 2011

Why use TidyWork?

Extremely simple and intuitive to use. Saves on staff training time

Multi-currency, multi-location capability. More powerful capability is exposed as you dive deeper into Tidy's functionality

Manage budgets in real time and keep your customers informed every step of the way

Seamlessly integrates with Xero. Accurate financial accounting through Tidy's advanced transaction mapping

Ability to add additional custom reports tailored to your company's needs in addition to the standard, out of the box reports list

Check planned against actual cost of projects so you stay in control of what's being spent

Delightfully Simple

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I can keep an eye on each job individually, and know constantly whether we are in profit, and if not, why not.

Gillian Walker

Crouch Waterfall

Before we started using TidyWork and Xero, we used a software program to help us keep track of costs, but that soon got old, so we wanted something more modern and user friendly.

Peter Evans

F.V. Evans & Sons Ltd

Our biggest client, Fonterra (the world's biggest dairy products exporter), says our quotes are leading the way amongst their contractors.

Matthew Garvey

FNE Engineering

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TidyWork + Xero

  • Create accurate quotes for projects based on materials, time and costs

  • See the most important info at a glance via the dashboard – avoid growing costs and delays that can cut your budgeted profit margin

  • Check off and approve work, and receive alerts if materials or resources mean you risk missing deadlines

  • Get up-to-the-minute info on project costs, time scales and resources instantly through the dashboard

  • Make short work of invoicing and improve your cash flow by sharing transactions with Xero

  • Delightfully simple and intuitive to use with little training needed to get your whole team up and running