Grow your business by keeping inventory tidy and efficient with TidyStock

TidyStock will make your business efficient by optimizing key processes. Tidy's goal is to create a world where businesses are efficient and sustainable. We have been delivering quality, pure cloud applications to businesses using Xero, being their official partner since 2011.

A Few of TidyStock's Benefits

Extremely simple and intuitive to use. Saves on staff training time
Multi-currency, multi-location capability. More powerful capability is exposed as you dive deeper into Tidy's functionality.
Real-time inventory management providing an immediate, up-to-date stock position across your whole organization
Seamlessly integrates with Xero. Accurate financial accounting through Tidy's advanced transaction mapping
Ability to add additional custom reports tailored to your company's needs in addition to the standard, out of the box reports list
Tidy provides the best value amongst its peers. With TidyStock you can achieve savings of up to 30% per month
Tidy: An official, trusted partner since 2011

Customer Stories

"My business would fail without TidyStock. In order for our business to survive, it was imperative that we had something like TidyStock."

Chris Piha, Llungen Lures
"We’ve been using TidyStock for years. It’s simple, it’s easy and I love it."

Annie Coster, Classic USA Ford Car Parts

TidyStock and Xero

TidyStock perfectly integrates with Xero accounting software to reflect stock related transactions in real time
TidyStock shares customer and supplier information with Xero to save time and ensure accuracy
Handle Bill of Materials (BOM)/Assemblies fully within Tidy and reflect final transactions in Xero
Purchase order workflow fully managed in Tidy. Purchase order commitments reflected in Xero
Sales order workflow managed in Tidy. Final details flow on to Xero
TidyStock adjusts Stock on Hand (SOH) and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) in Xero