Crossfire EDI

The Crossfire team is based in Auckland, New Zealand but service globally, helping a range of companies integrate through the use of API's and EDI. We are made up of tech and business experts, with industry experience in supply chain integration and large retail projects, having dealt with an impressive list of top tier, global businesses. We’re a distinct team within Sandfield, a SaaS company that specializes in Supply Chain Solutions. Like the wider company Sandfield, we pride ourselves on providing a practical and measured approach to all our integration solutions and client relationships.

Crossfire enables trading partners to streamline their information systems through developing a solution that automates data flow. Focus on your core business while letting Crossfire handle the technical and business process complexity of integrating, whether it is based on EDI, using APIs or other methods such as PDF to XML conversions.


Solution Manager

Our offer starts with standard B2B Retail & 3PL integrations, and scales up to high throughput custom integrations between business systems, with the goal of creating efficiency, visibility and scalability for the clients we work with.

The Crossfire solution is suitable for those in Supply Chain and Retail. We tailor a solution specifically for your unique operation and can scale up as you grow.


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