Cloud Ease Consulting

CloudEase is a cloud integrator that works with all kinds of business owners, such as wholesalers, manufacturers, professional service providers and tradespeople. CloudEase helps these businesses choose and implement the right cloud solution for their specific problems and opportunities.

We help business owners open their minds to what is possible - then provide them with the solution and implementation services they need to get there.

Andrew Collins


CloudEase has significant experience in this space - they were heavily involved in Xero implementations from Xero’s early days in Australia and have broadened their skillset across many other cloud providers in the meantime.

Businesses who work with CloudEase save time by reducing their manual work, become more streamlined, and open up their ability to scale up their efficiencies by adopting further additional cloud solutions.


  • Systems Consultants
  • Systems Integrators
  • Trainers


  • Australia


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  • TidyWork
  • TidyBuild