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The importance of effective inventory management for your e-commerce business

By Dion McGregor

13 August 2019

The cloud has enabled people to start an e-commerce business with very little up-front investment. All you need now is a computer and internet connection along with some spare time and ambition!

This accessibility is great for people wanting to realise their dreams of owning their own business. However, this accessibility does sometimes cause people to jump into something they might not fully be prepared for.

The importance of effective inventory management for your e-commerce business

Spendesk highlights in their blog post, five e-commerce tools to help your entrepreneurial drive and grow faster, with less risk and prepare you for your e-commerce business. One of which is inventory management. It is fantastic to see them mention our very own - TidyStock. Tidy has been making the lives of those needing to manage their business stock, including keeping track of sales and purchases in the cloud, an easy task.

The article emphasises one message; you can’t afford to take chances with the management of your inventory.

“You need to be certain that you’re stocking the right products, and that these products are available at the right volumes. The last thing you want, is to offer your customers products you don’t actually have access to.”

Inventory management software allows e-commerce business owners to ensure they have appropriate stock levels, every time. It enables you to easily create and manage purchase orders, produce sales quotes and packing slips, and integrate with cloud financial accounting applications like Xero and other related tools to avoid double entry and allow you to control your business well. Not let your business control you!


TidyStock is an easy-to-use cloud-based inventory management system aimed at improving customer service and profitability. TidyStock helps users to optimise their inventory, as well as providing powerful reporting and analytics.”

Growing your e-commerce business doesn’t have to be hard.  Implementing software solutions will help you to: 

  • Remove guesswork and reduce errors
  • Increase customer service and repeat orders
  • Lower your costs and save time

A more efficient business will give you more time to attend to other tasks to the other important tasks like marketing or keeping you stress free to enjoy the profits of your business. 

Read the full Spendesk article here.


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