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Catching up with Tidy

By XU Magazine

09 September 2016

Tidy just released their new website and a new partner programme. XU Magazine asks Kevin Mann, CEO of Tidy International for more details and if there are any new features in the products.

Catching up with Tidy

XU: Hi Kevin. Why the new website?

KM: The decision was quite simple. Tidy have three products each with their own website. This model of a single website works well for a cloud software firm with only one product which is how Tidy began in 2010 with Tidy Work. Since then we have released Tidy Stock and Tidy Build with their own websites. All three products solve operational problems for an organization in terms of jobs, projects, project materials or inventory so combining our messages into the one website makes creates clarity. We chose www.tidyinternational. com as it reflects the span of our global customer base and the offices serving our customers and partners.
When a customer now searches for one of our products; Tidy Work, Tidy Stock or Tidy Build or one of our programmes like Tidy Start, our new partner programme or Tidy Giving, our non-profit programme, the relationships between the products and programmes are clear and consistent under the Tidy brand.


XU: Why Tidy Start, why a new partner programme?

KM: Our old partner programme listed many partners. We found that our very active, quality partners were not clearly distinguished from those who really did not maintain their knowledge or sales momentum. We spoke to our successful active partners and found out what they liked and disliked, what they wanted more of and what a fresh new partner programme should include. The new programme, named Tidy Start, is the result. A fresh start reflects what everyone is experiencing in the flexible, dynamic new world of mobile, and cloud.
Tidy agrees with the advice from Richard Francis in Issue 06 of XU magazine where
Richard said “Be clear on what outcomes you and the client want to achieve“ which is one of his top five tips for the perfect advisory relationship. Tidy Start is about defining those clear outcomes between all three parties to the partnership; Tidy, the partner and the end user client.
Richard also said “The backbone of a perfect advisory relationship is human interaction”. With the new, improved focus that Tidy Start brings in terms of quality, Tidy can now offer more time on average with each Tidy Start partner and we foresee this attention will also lead to an improvement in the quality of interactions with their clients.


XU: Have Tidy added any major features since we last spoke in Issue 6?

KM: Yes we have. The major new feature Tidy has introduced is a new Quotes module. It is a major enhancement to the software. Providing quotes and proposals is an essential, yet often quite time consuming activity for most businesses. We worked with our customers and released the first version of this quoting capability last month.
One of the customers we worked with to deliver this feature has been able to save costs by cancelling a dedicated Quotation add-on and now just uses Tidy Work with Xero and Capsule CRM for their entire business. Tidy Work Quotes now integrates quotation into one seamless solution and the quotes information passes over to the job when it starts saving more time.
Tidy solves complex workflow challenges making it powerful software yet the user interface is intuitive and simple to use – delightfully simple is actually an original customer quote. The Quotes module is an example of how Tidy keep evolving advanced software but keeps it simple to use.

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Magazine Cover Magazine Article Image


Interview with Kevin Mann, CEO of Tidy, by XU Magazine Editor Jo Hardman.

Kevin Mann is the founder and CEO of Tidy International who have been delivering cloud software products to their global customer base since 2010.
Kevin’s engineering background and qualification is behind Tidy’s product focus on delivering efficiency to the operational challenges of SME’s and not-for-profit organisations; job and project management, materials and inventory management.
Prior to founding Tidy Kevin managed teams delivering IT projects for major international firms reliant on advanced, quality software. This experience made it clear to Kevin that there was much further opportunity to deliver even better solutions for businesses solving many of the challenges they face in a simple to use way from desktop to mobile.