Do you manage stock?

Do you want to run your business more efficiently and save time?

TidyStock is a cloud-based stock and inventory management system that enables efficient use and tracking of resources. The easy integration with Xero ensures that all materials are invoiced effectively. Use TidyStock and avoid discrepancies and double entry.

Our customers rely on TidyStock. Read some of their stories:


NZ Frozen Desserts produces frozen desserts mainly for export to Asia. They enter the raw materials for their wide range of frozen desserts into TidyStock and assemble individual recipes.

"When we first started searching for a stock program, we were skeptical about using TidyStock as we weren't sure it could do what we were after. However, since our decision to move forward, we haven't looked back. We are now in the process of assessing whether another Tidy system will fill the last gaps for our Management Reporting System. Overall, we are pleased with our decision to go with TidyStock and would recommend it to others."

Kevin Cox

Account Manager, NZ Frozen Desserts, 2016


Classic USA Ford Car Parts, based in Nelson NZ, import and trade car parts and assist their customers with importing cars.

"We’ve been using TidyStock for years. It’s brilliant. When I’m in the States and I find a part for a customer – I can access my TidyStock customer database immediately. It’s simple, it’s easy and I love it."

Annie Coster

Classic USA Ford Car Parts, 2016

Is TidyStock for you?

  • Do you and your team have easy access to the internet?
  • Do you want to access your inventory any time, from any device, any where?
  • Do you want to avoid discrepancies during stock takes?
  • Do you want a pay-as-you-use system that does not require an up-front investment?
  • Do you want the flexibility of managing some stock items formally and others more quickly?
  • Are you using Xero Accounting Software or TidyWork job tracking software?

TidyStock features support your business to:


  • Create and manage purchase orders including split receipts
  • Receipt purchase orders line-by-line and apportion freight


  • Bill of materials / product assemblies


  • Produce packing slips and sales quotes
  • Automatically push invoices from TidyStock into Xero


  • Managed stock - best practice accounting, perpetual stock ethod and average cost
  • Unmanaged stock - track quickly and informally
  • Material categories and items - unlimitedSDUs
  • Bulk data CSV import and export
  • Produce packing slips and sales quotes
  • Transfer stock between locations
  • Dashboard: reorder warnings, average margin, stock turns, days of sales in inventory, etc.
  • Adjust stock levels manually

Coordinate Multiple

  • Locations: manage an track stock in multiple locations
  • Import and export bulk data 
  • Create and manage price tiers, quantity and customer specific pricing
  • Dashboard: reorder warnings, average margin, stock turns, days of sales in inventory etc.


  • Automatically push invoices from TidyStock ito Xero
  • Developer API