Why we developed Tidy

We spent decades managing projects, being part of project teams and running companies whose success rested on project performance – across many industries. We wanted alerts to avoid budget blow-outs before they happen, we wanted real-time project insight instead of hindsight, we wanted immediate visibility of key success factors of multiple projects. We had to design a better way!

To improve the process, information visibility, business intelligence around project management and collaboration was our aim. We developed software solutions that do just that!

Our Tidy software solutions integrate seamlessly with and extend existing tools our customers already use, such as Outlook, Microsoft Project and Xero. We embraced cloud technology from day one, to offer our customers the most flexible, easily-accessible, secure and affordable solution possible.

TidyWork, TidyStock and TidyBuild streamline operations, increase the success of projects on all fronts and remove the guesswork of project management. The benefit of real-time project insight instead of hindsight, is a hallmark of all Tidy software. They allow both small and large companies increased profitability, more efficient team management and delighted clients.

Our company is based in New Zealand and operates in the cloud. Our software solutions are used by customers around the world.


The company

Tidy is different. We do not depend on venture capital or investors.

"One of my first mentors told me: If you want to run a business, ensure that you stay in business. It is easy to rely on continuous injections of capital to set up but when and how do you adapt and survive if the money runs dry?" 

Our first software solution, TidyWork, was released in 2011, and still used by initial customers. Today, Tidy is a profitable business. We want to provide a long-term sustainable solution to our customers; your trust in our cloud solutions is not dependent on continuous influx of venture capital. Tidy is not the cheapest software solution but it is secure and sustainable because we are independent. As a business, Tidy creates sufficient income to support ongoing development.