Tidy Start

What is Tidy Start? 

Tidy Start is not your average partner programme. We talked to our best partners and asked how Tidy could help them to grow their business. Tidy Start is the result.

 Tidy Start defines the relationship between:  

  • Tidy, (us) the developer of a range of cloud-based software solutions and our
  • Customer, the end user of Tidy software and our
  • Partner, (you) the consultant firm with staff, certified by Tidy, to help end-user customers by offering a range of services relating to Tidy software


What we offer our certified Tidy Start partner:

  • Fresh leads; giving you the opportunity to add value to our solution
  • Marketing help and materials
  • A discount for your clients for the initial period (up to 12 months) of implementing a Tidy software solution  


What we want for our customers: 

To select the most suitable Tidy solution to streamline their business, saving them time and money as they climb to success 

  • To succeed with their move to the cloud
  • A smooth and uncomplicated onboarding process at minimal cost 


Why work with Tidy?  

  • Tidy’s project and inventory management solutions are powerful and simple to use
  • An established track record of happy business customers
  • A profitable company you can rely on for the long term
  • Ongoing improvement and new feature releases, designed in response to customer feedback


Who is Tidy?  

Tidy are specialists in developing cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) products to address core operational business needs.  These products are:  

  • Tidy Work to address the needs of any business, in any industry, requiring project /job management.
  • Tidy Stock to address the needs of any business, in any industry, requiring inventory management.
  • Tidy Build is a project management product for any businesses operating within the Building and Construction sector.  

Tidy staff focus the majority of their time on the continued development and release of new features to improve the workflow and the user interface (UI). We listen to our customers and partners and consider their requests when deciding on where to focus further development of Tidy’s software solutions. 

Tidy customers are located all over the world. 

Tidy’s regional partners provide on-site customer service and support and to understand the challenges our customers face; they know which features Tidy should develop to improve software solutions for our customers.

Tidy collates and analyses the feedback businesses provide through partners, or UserVoice or directly to us. We develop and release software improvements that are available immediately to customers. 


Who are Tidy Partners? 

Tidy Partners have diverse backgrounds, but are often: 

  1. Management Accountants who already work closely with their customers and understand their needs and requirements. As a Tidy Partner, they recommend the software package that provides the best solution for their customer’s business.
  2. Cloud Consultants/Systems Integrators: Professionals who specialise in supporting their clients in finding the best software solutions for their businesses, to move their business ‘in to the cloud’. Cloud Consultants are intimately familiar with a range of software solutions and help their customers with the selection, onboarding and provide ongoing support.
  3. Software Development Houses: Professionals with experience in developing customised solutions, connectors, add-ons or Tidy Marketplace applications. All will utilise the Tidy API to connect with the workflow and data within Tidy software.