Archived Materials, Additional Items Per Page and More

25 May 2020

Archived Materials


(Applies to TidyEnterprise, TidyWork, TidyBuild, TidyStock)

We’ve updated the procedure for deleting a Material Item. When an item cannot be deleted (due to it being included within past transactions), it can now be "Archived".

Archived items are not visible to any user without them being assigned the correct permission. When an item has been set as “archived”, it cannot be used in any transaction from that point onward and does not appear in any reports. On past transactions where that the item has been included (prior to it being set to archived), the archived item will be denoted as "Archived".





Items per page options for materials / tasks on project console


(Applies to TidyEnterprise, TidyWork, TidyBuild)

We have added more options for the number of Material Items (as well as Tasks) that will display within the Project Console. In addition to the original six options, we have added 500, 1000 and 2000.





(Applies to TidyEnterprise, TidyWork, TidyBuild, TidyStock)

 We’ve improved the stability of the Tidy to Xero connection. There was a token refresh failure scenario when the Xero token expired which resulted in a Xero app disconnection. We have improved the resilience of the Xero token authentication.


(Applies to TidyEnterprise, TidyStock)

Bug fix: When a Purchase Order was received containing an item with "auto-convert" turned on no longer risks applying an incorrect unit cost price.