Catalogue Pricing

6 August 2019

Catalogue Price

(Affects all Tidy products)
The Catalogue Price field allows you to enter a price from your supplier that will be used when creating a Purchase Order.

If the Catalogue Price field is left blank, the Purchase Order price will default to the Last Purchase Price used.

If you would like this feature, please contact us.

Read the help article for Catalogue Pricing.


(Affects TidyStock, TidyEnterprise)
Fixed an issue where managed item COGS adjustments were not always being exported to Xero.

(Affects TidyWork, TidyBuild, TidyEnterprise)
Fixed an issue where the percentage options were not functioning in resource scheduling.

(Affects TidyWork, TidyBuild, TidyEnterprise)
A global setting has been added under employee contracts, to enable or disable quotes for Smart Payroll export.

(Affects all Tidy products)
Multiple purchase order API issues have been resolved.

(Affects all Tidy products)
Fixed an issue where the Purchase Order Queue cost was different from the Purchase Order line item price.

(Affects TidyStock, TidyEnterprise)
Fixed an issue where the "Use Batches" dialog box could not save for an assembly.

(Affects all Tidy Products)
Fixed an error when the Zimbabwe flag was not loading correctly.