Material Entries for Materials Under Tasks

Material Entries for Materials Under Tasks

27 October 2020

Please note, this release is for users of New Tidy only. If you do not have New Tidy and want to learn more, please read How to Get New Tidy. All data present within New Tidy will be visible within your current Tidy account, and vice-versa.

For a project with materials under tasks, you will see a list of tasks for the project, as well as the materials associated with them.

Clicking on the drop-down bar will display a list of tasks. You can select an individual task if you want to enter materials on a specific task.

From there, the process of submitting materials is the same.

You can also enter unplanned materials for materials under tasks. Select the task you want to add materials for in the Task down, then search or scan for the material item you have used.

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