Third Party Logins, Email Security, Fixes, API

31 January 2019

Third Party Logins

(Affects all Tidy products)
You can login to Tidy with a third party login, using your Microsoft or Google account, etc. This is set up by a Resource Administrator from the Users screen. In this release we have upgraded and improved the security for these third party logins. As part of this change, users who use a Microsoft or Google account to login, may notice that the login screen looks different, and may be required to allow access on their first login after the release.

Email Security

(Affects all Tidy products)
We have improved our email security which should help reduce spam. This is important because it protects the reputation and deliverability for all legitimate users of Tidy. These improvements include these two main changes:

To prevent abuse we have limited the number of times in a row a single document (Purchase Order, Quote, etc) can be sent from Tidy. Currently this is set to a limit of three times in ten minutes.

Trial accounts can no longer send emails from Tidy. Trial users will need to become paying customers of Tidy in order to send emails from Tidy.

Improvements and Fixes

(Affects TidyWork, TidyBuild, TidyEnterprise)
When invoicing a Project, the Task Name only detail option, now sums all time into a single line per Task.

(Affects TidyWork, TidyBuild, TidyEnterprise)
The Default Invoice Detail Level set by a user, is now used when searching the Invoice Queue.

(Affects TidyWork, TidyBuild, TidyEnterprise)
Fixed an issue where Editing an existing Quote or Project would not initially load a Material's dimensions.

(Affects TidyWork, TidyBuild, TidyEnterprise)
Fixed an error that occurred when attempting to schedule a user with zero time.

(Affects TidyWork, TidyBuild, TidyEnterprise)
Fixed an issue when the user is a Project Manager but not an Approver, causing the Project Console Material Plan column headers not to display correctly.

(Affects all Tidy products)
Fixed an error that sometimes occurred when trying to visit a page that does not exist.


Projects can now be filtered by the last modified time allowing your applications to retrieve only projects with changes in the relevant time period and thereby making your applications (and Tidy) much more performant.

Users can now be filtered by Contact email.

Additional Projects and Quotes properties have been added allowing an application to do full creates and updates on these entities.

Project Summary Reports which show a summary of time, material, expenses and other costs and charges can now be retrieved.

The latest .Net wrapper has been released for download as a Nuget package. Search for "TidyWorkAPIClient".