Sales Tax per item, Stock Allocation, Assembly Description, Quote Custom Document Templates

Sales Tax per item, Stock Allocation, Assembly Description, Quote Custom Document Templates

13 December 2017

Sales Tax Per Item

(TidyStock and TidyEnterprise)

Sales in Tidy now support sales tax per item.

The default sales tax can be set on each Material Item and Material Category. You can access this on the Material screen.

On the Sales Edit screen, each line has the ability to select tax type. The default is inherited in this priority order: from customer, material category or material item. Most local customers (i.e. in the same tax jurisdiction) should not have the default tax type set if they want it inherited from the material category or material item.

If a customer with a default tax type is selected, a warning will be displayed stating the tax type for all items will default to the customer’s tax type.

Sales documents also now support sales tax per item.

The API has also been updated to allow for sales tax per item to be retrieved.

Stock Allocation

(TidyStock and TidyEnterprise)

On the Sales Edit screen you can hover over the quantity field to see stock allocation. This will show you the current stock at the location and subtract any "On Order" sales, to provide you the total unallocated stock. The quantity in unreceived purchase orders, quantity in Draft Sales and the predicted available quantity are also displayed.

Assembly Description

(TidyStock and TidyEnterprise)

Assemblies now have a Description field, which can be edited and viewed in all the same places as the Material Item Description. (This brings Assemblies in line with the addition of Description to Material Items in our last release.)

Quote Custom Document Templates

(TidyWork, TidyBuild and TidyEnterprise)

Quote Custom Document Templates can now include Expiry Date and Pricing Type fields. You can also include the Task Description on each Task. Use the tags {{QuoteExpiryDate}} , {{PriceTypeName}} and {{Description}} to include them on your template.


(All Tidy products)

When the company logo is not square, reports are now able to display it at a larger size. (Previously the company logo was scaled down to fit into a square area.)


(TidyWork, TidyBuild and TidyEnterprise)

On the Quote Edit > Time Plan, the original currency and value of a converted charge rate are now consistently displayed without requiring a save and re-edit when switching the quote's currency.

We have now prevented the situation where Quotes could be forced to display in the Project Console and vice versa.

(All Tidy products)

We have fixed an issue where the display of Material Items could be distorted by some long fields.