Assembly Item Import Tool and Other Enhancements

Assembly Item Import Tool and Other Enhancements

12 October 2020

Please note, this release is for users of New Tidy only. If you do not have New Tidy and want to learn more, please read How to Get New Tidy. All data present within New Tidy will be visible within your current Tidy account, and vice-versa.

Tidy has released an update to New Tidy’s Import Tool. With this new release, you are now able to easily import Assembly Items into Tidy.

When you have uploaded a file for a new import, you are now able to click on Assembly Item for the import type.


You can now further increase the time your organisation saves by being able to import Assembly Items.

Using New Tidy’s import functionality enables you to save time on the manual processes in your business and allocate more time to the important tasks.

To learn more about how to import Assembly Items, click here