Case Study: Superdream

TidyWork improves gross margin for Superdream

Superdream is a full service creative consulting agency where over 50 specialists combine their skills of  PR, advertising, digital, social and creative to give their customers a larger share of the future. Their wide customer base ranges from fostering agencies through to manufacturing. 

We are a time-based business so it is really important to us to track and measure productivity of our personnel’s time. Prior to TidyWork we logged all time by manual time sheets and collated all time sheets to one spreadsheet. This got increasingly difficult as the business grew in size.

Jason Manning, Director

Superdream, UK

All staff are more aware of how they use their time, and log their time daily. The increased visibility of where a project is at helps keeping on top of all projects. 

Superdream chose TidyWork as it integrated seamlessly with Xero, and allowed the option of customising the software to fill the needs of their business. 

Productivity and transparency are the key benefits. We use data intelligently that helps us to quote subsequent jobs and ensure that we make the margins we need.

Jason Manning

Superdream, UK

TidyWork has streamlined our processes. We now do all our quotations in TidyWork. We can now allocate costs to a task and to a person which really helps when we are costing for a job.

Laura Lamb, Account Executive

Superdream, UK

Prior to using TidyWork, quotations varied between account managers. Superdream now produces all quotations in TidyWork, using data gained in previous projects. 


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