Case Study: FNE Engineering

FNE Engineering

A relatively new company, Pat and Matthew Garvey took the advice of their accountant to increase productivity and efficiency when they acquired the former stainless steel fabrication division of Tenix.

To keep overheads down they decided on low-cost pay-by-month cloud-based software systems, and signed up with TidyWork job tracking and project planning for operations and Xero for the company’s accounts.


The guys who developed TidyWork have been exceptional. We feel we are in a partnership. They have been great at problem-solving and in providing quick solutions. It’s a winning product – it’s excellent, unbelievably useful and cost-effective and it allows us to manipulate things around to deal exactly with our situation. Software updates are offered regularly, I believe it will suit businesses of all sizes.

Matthew Garvey

FNE Engineering

FNE now has three fewer staff in the office, but twelve more in the workshop, boosting its output considerably. Its team of fifty includes shop-floor tradesmen and engineers, field engineers and technicians working from three FNE sites and from within customer sites on continuous contracts.

Fast staff acceptance - minimal training.


Within two hours [of implementation] we had most of the guys running the system with not a lot of questions. With minimal training it’s been brilliant. There has been no resistance from staff to the TidyWork project planning software, even the older ones – including my dad, and he’s 71.

Matthew Garvey

FNE Engineering

It's brilliant, I can now send out invoices within 24 hours of job completion instead of waiting for weeks.

Matthew Garvey

FNE Engineering

FNE has set up an in-house store, with all of workshop components and consumables recorded within TidyWork. With suppliers around town but FNE can now enter costs on a daily basis and invoice within 24 hours of job completion. This is a vast improvement to the previous system, where they used to have to wait for up to six weeks for purchase orders to come in so they could close a project ready for billing.


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FNE now do all quotes on TidyWork as well. Matthew Garvey appreciates the simplicity and commercial benefits of quoting with TidyWork:
“I’ve done half a dozen quotes using TidyWork and we have won all of them. I can’t believe how long it used to take before. And we get a better breakdown on our projects – nothing is hidden. Our biggest dairy client Fonterra (the world’s biggest dairy products exporter) says our quotes are leading the way amongst their contractors. Everything is up-front and honest, which is good for us and for our clients.”

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