Case Study: Align

Case study: Align

Align is a multi-disciplinary company providing services in planning, property, project management and landscape architecture, with offices in various locations. They were looking for a financial package that was able to grow with the firm, to help with recording hours and to plan and budget their projects.


We lost hours because they were not recorded anywhere; people were at work but we did not know where their hours went. We also get invoices out a week earlier than we did previously, which means we also get paid a week earlier, which is good for the bank balance at the end of the day.

Mike Robinson, CEO


Laurence Sherriff, Director, explains how TidyWork supported the company's rapid growth. Established in 2001 in Wellington as Environmental Challenge, Align now has offices located in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch. A team of multi-disciplined industry professionals works on projects all over the country, from Northland to Invercargill and anywhere in between. 

"When we created new offices TidyWork was easy to set up, we were able to bring on a new person and to switch on TidyWork just like that. 

TidyWork has also given us much better visibility of our operations, and by capturing our time more promptly has significantly raised our billable hours."

Budget Control around our projects has been a lot better. It’s easy to access information not just for managers but also for staff who can take ownership of the project themselves.

Mike Robinson, CEO



Many of Align's projects are large, span over several years and include hundreds of tasks. Project Managers appreciate the heat map on the dashboard. Working with clients they want to know when milestones are turning read. They know they don't need to worry if the heat map shows everything in green.

Yet, when the heat map shows red, it's easy to drill through the heat chart down to a specific project and pinpoint any risks. 


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