Case Study: Jill of all Trades

Jill of all Trades

Gillian is a cloud integrator and Xero consultant on Australia's Gold Coast. Looking for an inventory management system for her clients she found TidyStock is the complete package.

TidyStock is fabulous to use and so simple to set up. It's neat and easy.

Gillian Roussouw

Jill of all Trades

Many of Gillian's clients travel or operate from a home office and need to be able to keep their finger on the pulse of the business at all times. She says they can tap into Xero, and they need to be able to manage their stock as well. They tend to run pretty lean businesses and buy just in time.

TidyStock enables them to do that and get away from the business.

Gillian Roussouw

Jill of all Trades

TidyStock works fabulously, does everything it says it does and is very pretty to work with.

Gillian Roussouw

Jill of all Trades

Gillian recently did an integration for a client who "was blown away with TidyStock, they said it's so cool and easy to use." This client had a complicated system using Excel and Xero. They particularly liked how TidyStock could be massaged to their own requirements and gave them everything they could possibly need.

TidyStock has helped Gillian's clients by providing more clarity and showing the true costs of landing stock, and helping to identify wastage. They now know what they have on hand and when they should order. They also like having staff access TidyStock without the security risk of having direct access to Xero.

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Gillian raves about the user friendliness of TidyStock, and she points out how much a consultant can ease the transition. Gillian uses her experience to get clients up and running in two hours. She does the heavy lifting and uses her knowledge of software and accounting to hand over an optimised system.

Many clients have been stuck using an old legacy system and get bogged down with the job of switching over to a modern system. Once the switch is made, they realise how important it is to have features like multi-currency and multi-users where they don’t have to wait for someone else to finish before they use the system.

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