Case Study: Classic USA Ford Car Parts

Classic USA Ford Car Parts

As Director in charge of administration at American Ford Parts in Nelson, New Zealand, Annie Coster was a bit nervous at the thought of using a cloud-based stock control system for a business selling many thousands of parts for classic cars. But, as she was looking through the stock control add-on options on the Xero web site, she reasoned that the company was already using a cloud-based accounts system without problems. What was really needed was a stock control system that interfaced seamlessly with Xero, to reduce possible inventory errors and make things easy for herself and the staff.

We needed simplicity, fast friendly support and a system that was safe to let anyone use to check stock, customer details, or to raise a delivery docket, without the risk of errors entering the accounting system. I wanted a dedicated inventory system that was inventory driven, rather than accounting driven.

Annie Coster

Classic USA Ford Car Parts

Talking to the team at Tidy, Annie learned that TidyStock is a simple and easy-to-use online ‘perpetual’ inventory control system that manages stock movements accurately – from purchase through storage and sale to your accounts. TidyStock enables her team to access vital stock data and record transactions wherever they were – with customers, in the warehouse, or anywhere else, via tablet, smartphone or laptop.

Tidystock links directly with Xero and requires no software downloads, no complicated set-up and no professional IT help. TidyStock integrates with Xero to share seamlessly stock-related transactions and information in real time. Staff can produce packing slips in TidyStock and push invoices through to Xero, recording stock on hand and cost of goods sold, directly in Xero.

Our business is in automotive parts resale, and it is ideal for that application. Staff can raise a delivery docket, look up parts or customer details, and correct any errors before saving to Xero. This eliminates any concern about errors affecting the accounting systems, which would be expensive and time-consuming to rectify.

Annie Coster

Classic USA Ford Car Parts

I count myself fortunate to have chosen TidyStock. On service alone it is outperforming any software that I have encountered in my long working life. I am now able to spend less time ‘nailed’ to the computer and more time on more productive things.

Annie Coster

Classic USA Ford Car Parts

This is Annie's emphatic response to the question whether she was still pleased to have decided on TidyStock. 

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