All the features to manage projects and inventory in one solution

TidyEnterprise is our premier product with every feature from TidyWork and TidyStock and more included.

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What's the difference?

  • Quotes and sales:

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  • Quotes

    Create Quotes and track where they are at with five different quote stages. Accepted quotes create a new project.

  • Invoicing

    Create invoices in TidyEnterprise and push them through to your Xero accounting system.

  • Packing slips and sales orders
  • Advanced pricing

    Price tiers, quantity and customer specific pricing

  • Multiple currencies

    Set your prices and invoices in several currencies

  • Projects:

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  • Project: Planning

    Plan your project from proposal to invoice. Create a new project or clone a previous one.

  • Project: Milestones

    TidyEnterprise allows you to define milestones on your projects and sends alerts if you fall behind.

  • Project: Tracking

    View all project components - cost, profitability and timeliness – on the TidyEnterprise console.

  • Task lists

    Assign tasks to your team or let them select their own tasks from the pool of jobs.

  • Self-estimation

    Collaborate with your team - if a team member estimates the time required for a task differently to the project manager’s estimate, that difference shows up in the Project Edit screen.

  • Record time, materials and expenses

    Submit Time, Material and expenses in just one click as soon as users make their entries, or at the end of a day or week - whatever suits your business.

  • Review and approve work

    Check off and approve work before it’s billed, or auto-approve completed work to further streamline your business.

  • Combined project invoices

    Combined project invoices give users the ability to combine separate invoices into one before being sent out to a customer.

  • Resource scheduling: standard
  • Resource scheduling: advanced
  • Sub-contractors
  • Machines as users
  • Stock:

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  • Managed stock

    Managed stock requires every change to unit and stock level be formally made via sales, purchase orders and adjustments

  • Unmanaged stock

    Unlike managed stock, the unit cost and stock level are simply overtyped. This makes them easier to work with but you can't keep a history of adjustments over time.

  • Purchase orders

    Purchase order approval

    Create and manage

    Receipt orders

    Split receipts

  • Assemblies

    Also known as a bill of materials – several materials are used together to create a higher-level, composite component – you can assemble items from complete parts, e.g. Bicycle, or create something new, e.g. Assemble a recipe from part-components.

  • Bulk input: stock and stocktake

    Available upon request.

    Professional service fee applies.

  • Allocating materials to tasks

    This feature allows materials to be assigned (written) to tasks, so they can be grouped together.

    Create sub projects, or groups within a project that include both labour and materials. This is useful for breaking down a project into phases or steps when quoting. It also allows for reports to be broken down in the same way.

  • Catalogue Pricing

    The Catalogue Price field allows you to enter a price from your supplier that will be used when creating a Purchase Order.

  • Batch Numbers

    Batch numbers are available for material items. They can be used when stock is being purchased, sold, assembled, or adjusted. For each of these actions you can choose whether batch assignment to each material is optional or required. We support multiple batches for a single line item, as well as multiple batch locations. You can also set the production date and expiry date for each batch.

  • Connections:

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  • Xero

    Click the Xero icon within TidyEnterprise to create a draft or final invoice in Xero, ready to approve and send out. View a PDF of the final Xero invoice in TidyEnterprise.

    Learn more
  • Microsoft Outlook

    TidyEnterprise integrates easily with Microsoft Outlook.

    Learn more
  • CRM: Capsule CRM

    TidyEnterprise integrates with Capsule CRM.

    Learn more
  • File storage: Dropbox

    Integrate your Dropbox documents into TidyEnterprise

    Learn more
  • Payroll systems

    TidyEnterprise integrates with

  • Microsoft Project

    Integrate Microsoft Project into TidyEnterprise and get a Gantt view of your project schedule.

  • API

    Our API allows customers and third-party integrators to connect other applications to TidyEnterprise and exchange data.

  • Reporting:

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  • Personalised dashboard

    A personalised dashboard contains just the information required for Project Manager, HR Administrator or Team Member.

  • Standard reporting
  • Advanced reporting to spec available
  • General:

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  • Notifications in customer portal
  • Mobile access

    Use your iPhone, iPad, smartphone or tablet to enter your details or manage your project.

  • Data import and export: general

    Input your data manually or as bulk CSV import/export

  • Support

    Access help from within TidyEnterprise with our tracked email / ticket system.

    If you have any questions, press the support link at the bottom of your screen. You will receive an email acknowledging your question and an individual support ticket number.

  • Notifications

    Receive project alerts via text.

  • Custom branding

    Customise your quote templates, purchase orders and invoices with your own branding.

  • Bulk input: time and sales
  • Professional services

    Utilise our professional services team to find solutions to your unique needs.

    Professional service rates apply.

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What’s the difference between a Manager User and a Team User?

The individual’s role in the company defines what access to the product they need. People tasked with data entry don’t need access to all the information stored within the software.

A Manager User has access to all of the roles a Team User has, plus they can use the following three roles: