Case Study: Adan Larsen Builders, NZ

Case Study: Adan Larsen Builders, NZ

Adan Larsen Builders are trade certified members of Certified Builders. They provide architecturally designed plans and are happy to adjust plans if needs change. Before TidyBuild, Adan would manually check quotes and budget costings against actual costs. 

TidyBuild allows for supplier invoices and labour hours to be entered against the job as they occur. Adan is now only a couple of clicks away from knowing exactly where costs sit in relation to budget.

Now, if a client wants to know where a project is at, all information is up to date and only a click away. 

In terms of knowing that jobs are going well, it is all very well to think they make a profit, but to have the reports giving us that information is so helpful.

Kelly Larsen

Adan Larsen Builders

TidyBuild seemed the best system for a building business. It allows staff on site and in the office to access up-to-date information and integrates seamlessly with Xero and iPayroll which saves double-handling of information. Adan implemented TidyBuild with help from their accountant and were underway after a short training session. If they do get stuck, they find the on-going support a great back-up. 


It is a very user-friendly package for those that want something that isn't too complicated to drive.

Kelly Larsen

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