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Get Started

How to get started?

  1. First, sign up for a trial.

    We have populated this trial with mock data to help you evaluate how the software works and what its capabilities are. You may add or amend this data, however do not add any data at this stage that you wish to retain, as all this initial data is deleted in the next step.

  2. The next step, which you can take at any time during your trial period, is to clear the trial data and replace it with your organisation's real data. 

  3. The last step is to sign up.

Some customers use the capabilities of their own team to set up, implement and use the software. If you want additional support, we outline options below:


How do you get the best use from your software?

It takes focus, dedication and time to adopt a new system while continuing business as usual. There is no magic way to sidestep the adaption. Three steps are involved in setting up and implementing your Tidy software. Ideally you should start this process prior to, or at the very start of your trial.

The three steps to onboarding are:

  1. Analysis

    Formally called the Business Analysis (BA) process, this assessment of the needs of your organisation and its work processes, ensures the software will deliver the benefits you are expecting. The analysis considers likely future needs and evaluates what additional functionality can be ‘switched on’ as your business expands or evolves.
  2. Implementation

    This step involves the set-up of your company details, the permissions of users and assisting with importing your company’s data into the software.

  3. Training

    Training saves time and pays off in improvements in quality and consistency. Learning how to get the most from your Tidy software is essential to maximise your ROI and the period of payback. Training should not be a one-off exercise but plan for refresher training at appropriate intervals. Tidy software is continually evolving, just as your business is and therefore training is part of retaining a high level of quality and satisfaction. 

This onboarding process can be done in three different ways: 

  • With a Tidy Partner

    Tidy Partners are professionals who know the Tidy software well. They are formally certified by Tidy and have attained certification through their own investment in training and customer experience. These partners will provide onboarding and training services for a fee, discussed directly with you to allow for a smooth and efficient process

  • With Tidy Services

    If no suitable Tidy Partner is available to assist you in your region, one of our team at Tidy Services will provide online support, and in some cases onsite support, for the onboarding process. Our fees for this service are based on the hours required to get you to a self-sufficient stage.
  • On your own

    If your team has the time and knowledge to implement the new software using the free online resources available, this is your preferred option. Our software is easy to use and many of our customers have successfully implemented Tidy software without incurring external costs for implementation and training. Time spent by your own team is still a cost, so it is worth weighing up this option compared with a) or b) above, before your onboarding process starts. The cost for an external party to rectify errors made in the initial set-up later can be expensive and frustrating.

The sequence in which to do things depends on which of the above options is for you.

BASE Training: It’s important to do a detailed business analysis before implementing the set-up of the company data.

If you’re working with a Partner or the Tidy Services team, the business analysis and set-up will be done before progressing to the training.

If you are implementing the software without specialist support, we highly recommend you get as much training as possible in advance, using the free online resources, to ensure you set up the software in the most cost and time efficient manner.