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Add-on: TidyCommerce



TidyCommerce enables you to build and manage a modern online store. Allow your customers to buy your goods and services from anywhere and pay online. TidyCommerce seamlessly integrates with Xero and TidyStock to streamline your financial accounting and stock management capabilities. Everything you need will be 100% cloud-based. TidyCommerce combines a wide range of features including a fully integrated shopping cart, up-to-date inventory position, custom pricing, invoicing, and much more. Offer your clients a new level of buying experience with TidyCommerce.

TidyCommerce combines with:


Why use TidyCommerce?

  • Scale up your business with an online channel. Operate and manage your business anytime from anywhere.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with a rich online buying experience with your staff able to provide exceptional customer service from anywhere.
  • Modern businesses need to agile and scalable. TidyCommerce provides a 100% reliable, robust cloud-based solution making your business competitive, adaptable and efficient.
  • Reduce costs by automating the selling process and removing manual processes.
  • Easily adapt your online store as the market changes, keeping your offering relevant and meet changing customer demand and expectations.
  • Add more capabilities to TidyCommerce as your business requires, with Tidy's suite of powerful but delightfully simple products and plans.



TidyCommerce + TidyStock

  • Customise your online store to meet customer demands
  • Track stock, enable backorders, create product recipes (assemblies), and make purchase orders. Keep your online store product list in sync with TidyStock inventory
  • Continuously sync each customer shopping cart with TidyStock, keeping online pricing and stock positions up-to-date
  • TidyCommerce seamlessly integrates with payment gateways and shipping applications
  • Easily manage customers, discounts, promotions and loyalty schemes
  • Easily set up multi-price variations for group, wholesale, VIP and sale promotions
  • Invoices are seamlessly synchronised with TidyStock
  • Secure access from any device; anytime or anywhere

Do you need to manage your warehouse stock with your online store? Get the full benefits of TidyCommerce by linking to TidyStock.