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Add-on: Smart Payroll


The Tidy team's top five reasons to consider SmartPayroll

  • Pay staff automatically
  • Automatic tax returns
  • Manage your staff and leave easily
  • Industry-specific payroll features
  • Through the Tidy connector, export your time sheets directly into SmartPayroll
Smart Payroll combines with:

Connecting SmartPayroll is easy. Our support team will enable the feature for your organisation and it becomes available immediately. All you need is the employee payroll code and you are ready to go.

There are a couple of easy steps to enable the integration.

Step 1. Contact the Tidy support team to enable the connector.
Step 2. Ensure that your 'employee code' is configured for each employee, you find this in the 'Employment Contract' tab of the 'User Configuration' section.

Here are the Tidy help articles describing the above process

If you are using another software solution, a developer can use the Tidy API to integrate with your preferred software of choice. Read more about our developer API.

The team at TidyWork can help you configure and optimise Tidy, but we are no experts on other solutions. Tidy has cloud integration partners all around the world that will fill that gap. Find the integration partner nearest you.


Summarising the benefits of the SmartPayroll and Tidy connector

  • Export approved time sheets directly to your payroll system
  • Accurate
  • Fast, saves time