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Add-on: Reckon One

Connect your Reckon One account to TidyStock for a powerful inventory management solution

What is Reckon?

Reckon is an ASX listed and Australian owned company with over 30 years’ experience delivering market leading solutions to accountants and bookkeepers, legal professionals and small to medium sized businesses. Reckon’s software services are designed to make accounting faster, easier and more productive.

Through this partnership, TidyStock is now seamlessly integrated with Reckon One. Reckon One is a super affordable and easy-to-use online accounting solution that allows business owners to manage their finances while on the go.

This connector allows you to:

  • Share customer information with Reckon One.
  • Share supplier information with Reckon One.
  • Send receipted purchase orders into Reckon One accounts payable.
  • Send sales into Reckon One accounts receivable.
  • Adjust stock on hand and cost of goods sold in Reckon One.
Reckon One combines with:

The Tidy team’s top five reasons to integrate TidyStock and Reckon One

  • Reckon One is flexible and very affordable. Starting from $5/month, you can easily customise the features to suit your business needs and save money.
  • Reckon One has an intuitive interface with clear navigation and simple data entry, helping you work more efficiently.
  • Manage your finances more efficiently – anytime, across all your devices. Plus, you can share your data in real-time with your staff, accountant and bookkeeper.
  • Track expenses as they happen, send customised invoices faster, automatically reconcile your bank feeds, and create instant reports to identify your financial position. It’s all promptly updated in Reckon One, making your everyday accounting tasks easier.
  • Reckon One provides unlimited weekday phone support and 24/7 community support.

How does Reckon One integrate with TidyStock?

The integration includes passing invoices, bills and credit notes from TidyStock to Reckon One, as well as syncing suppliers and customers. TidyStock also creates the relevant ‘behind the scenes’ financial transactions in Reckon One, such as Cost of Goods Sold and Inventory Asset balance movements. You can easily enter data in either systems from any device and the information is automatically synced in the other system – saving you time and reducing data entry errors.

For instance, you can raise and manage your sales orders in TidyStock, and once an order is ready for invoicing, you can easily create a draft or a final invoice in Reckon One with a single click.

Okay, I am using Reckon One and Tidy. How do I proceed?


  1. Sign in to your Tidy account
  2. Go to the 'Global Settings' tab near the top of your browser window
  3. Press the ‘Reckon Setup’ button
  4. You will now see a green button ‘Connect to Reckon One” ' button
  5. Clicking the button will open a new browser window where you’ll be asked to authenticate with Reckon One (just follow the prompts)
  6. You will also be asked which permissions you want to give Tidy - leave all of these ticked
  7. In TidyStock you will then be asked to select which Cash Book in Reckon One you want to sync with
  8. You have now connected Tidy with Reckon One!

Read more about the Reckon One integration on our support pages.

Summary of the benefits of the Reckon One and TidyStock integration

  • Invoices, bills, credit notes, suppliers and customers are automatically synced between TidyStock and Reckon One – saving you time and helping you work more efficiently.
  • Easily create a sales order or purchase order in TidyStock and send it to Reckon One for invoicing without any repetitive data entry.
  • Effectively manage your stock and finances on any device while on the go - reducing the cost associated with over/under stocking, and improving your stock turn and cash flow.