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Add-on: Microsoft Outlook


The Tidy team’s top reason to use the Outlook Connector

Continue to use software you’re familiar with and expand its capabilities. Integrate your tasks and appointments with Tidy.

  • Click on any appointment inside your calendar, allocate it to a project task that's pulled from Tidy, and the time is logged and mirrored in Tidy.
  • Colour-coding lets you know if submitted time has been approved or not.
  • Sync to update your Outlook calendar with the time you have entered in Tidy.
Microsoft Outlook combines with:

Contact the Tidy support team to obtain your personal URL to proceed with the installation. Once installed, restart Outlook and you will see a Tidy tab along the top of Outlook.

I really like the sound of integrating my calendar with Tidy but I do not use Outlook. What are my options?

There are many options to manage your calendar. A developer can use the Tidy API to integrate with your preferred software of choice. Read more about our developer API.

The team at Tidy can most definitely help you configure and optimise TidyWork, but we are no experts on other solutions. Tidy has cloud integration partners all around the world that will fill that gap. Find the integration partner nearest you.

Summarising the benefits of the Outlook and Tidy connector

  • Very easy to log time to your projects. You can record time in Tidy without leaving Outlook.
  • Visual cues for approval of time you have logged.