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Add-on: EzzyBills

Connect EzzyBills to your Tidy account for a powerful business document scanning and processing solution that can link costs to areas of your workflow that need accurate management accounting, audit, or referencing. This includes projects, jobs, teams, and the documents that need to be matched which include bills, receipts, etc. for accountability.


What is EzzyBills?

EzzyBills is a business document scanning app which saves time and avoids re-keying errors by eliminating manual data entry. EzzyBills automates the extraction of essential data from bills, receipts, etc. EzzyBills can process different file formats including scanned documents, PDF, mobile phone photographs, etc.


How does the EzzyBills add-on work?

With this Tidy-EzzyBills integration add-on, you have a simple, powerful, solution you don’t have to worry about finding where those documents belong because Tidy has automated the matching process to the right area of workflow. Every time you scan a document into EzzyBills, the essential data will seamlessly flow into Tidy and be auto-matched to the workflows they belong e.g. the right project, job, team, etc. You simply confirm the match is correct.


Some of the benefits of using the EzzyBills-Tidy solution:

  • Enables your staff to work remotely yet not slow down the processing of essential cost information to run your business in real time.
  • Considerable admin/bookkeeping hours and costs saved each year trying to match and store business transaction documents to where they belong within your workflow.
  • Automated key data extraction from your business documents; dates, reference numbers, customer details, individual line items, tax, etc.
  • Eliminate the possibility of errors or duplicates. No manual entry is required. Once scanned, you only need to check and approve.

Faster processing leads to real-time data flow for accurate budget tracking and management and financial reporting.

EzzyBills combines with:


Follow these steps to connect EzzyBills to your Tidy account:


Step 1. Ensure you have an existing Tidy subscription on the turbo plan or above.

Step 2. Then, send a request through to Tidy using the live chat support link within your Tidy account for your EzzyBills connection to be created. Alternatively, contact us directly.

Step 3. Once the connection has been created, you will receive a unique code by e-mail (technically called a webhook URL).

Step 4. Key-in (or copy) this code into the Settings area within your EzzyBills account.

Step 5. Within the EzzyBills app, you need to verify that your active workflow is set to “TIDY ” (EzzyBills>Workflow)


Harness the power of the Tidy-EzzyBills solution now to streamline your business workflow, save cost and confidently deliver a better service.

Any questions? Just ask!