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Tidy software covers project, inventory and construction management, and integrates seamlessly with Xero and a large number of other software solutions. The result? No more double entry, no more spreadsheets, clear control of roles and permissions.

Do you want to increase efficiency in your business?

Tidy is for you

Is your business still small, but you want to grow?

in size
in complexity
into multiple locations
into using multiple currencies

Tidy is for you

Is your business complex?

If you are large, medium-sized or small

Tidy is for you

Which Tidy product is best suited for your needs?

TidyWork is used by service providers, architects, engineers, workshops and creatives.

Choose TidyWork if you:

  • handle complex projects
  • allocate resources to different projects
  • want to keep track of resource spending
  • want to have real-time information on project stages
  • need instant access to real project information to create quotes
  • want seamless integration with Xero and other software applications
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TidyStock is used by food manufacturers, sporting and warehousing businesses to name a few. If you create cakes, sell furniture or car parts, then TidyStock is for you.

Choose TidyStock if you:

  • count items and / or manufacture items using your stock
  • assemble individual items
  • buy in bulk, repackage and sell
  • import and / or export items
  • keep stock in more than one location
  • sell the same item for different prices depending on bulk / retail / customer
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Choose TidyBuild if you:

  • are involved in the building industry - roads, buildings, landscaping
  • want all of the TidyWork features
  • are working with sub-contractors on selected projects
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TidyEnterprise is our most advanced solution combining all the features in TidyWork, TidyStock and more.

TidyEnterprise is used by:

  • Discrete manufacturing
  • Retailer and installers
  • Heavy manufacturing
  • Engineering workshops
  • Remanufacturers
  • Sales and service

Choose TidyEnteprise if you:

  • handle complex projects
  • and also need advanced stock management
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