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Integration Kings

Integration Kings is a business systems consultancy providing cloud integration solutions for small to medium businesses.


If you don’t have a great understanding of cloud software, that’s where cloud integrators such as ourselves can help out. We take a tailored and holistic approach to find solutions that best meet your needs.

PAULA KING, Administration and Content Manager
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Unicorn Business Solutions

Unicorn Business Solutions specialise in helping business owners build a business that works for them, rather than the other way around.


Since 1989, I have worked with 100's of small business owners, helping them to realise their potential through increased profits, increased business value, reduced stress, and more time with their families.

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5e Management Services

Edward Fyvie, principal of 5e Management Services provides consulting services to SME businesses.


Using Tidy's cloud based system offers SMEs significant cost savings: Tidy + Xero is around 20% of the cost of a mid-tier server based system that can properly do project and job costing, so my clients are making savings in terms of software, not to mention the further savings in hardware to run that kind of system.

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SMEtric Insights

The SMEtric Insights team works with medium sized business owners in New Zealand and Australia to help them get business clarity from their data. Our business intelligence tools can automatically extract, analyse and present your business data from various sources in beautiful dashboards.

New Zealand, Australia

Driving business performance and productivity thorough customised Business Intelligence (BI) solutions

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MHA Carpenter Box

MHA Carpenter Box are a firm of accountants, business and tax advisors. As Xero’s UK Accounting Partner of the Year 2016/17 we have a great deal of experience with cloud software.

United Kingdom

We aim to partner with our clients to fully understand and review their business operations and then consult on the best solution for them as we know that no two businesses are the same.

NATHAN KEELEY, Partner & Head of Cloud Solutions Team
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Cloud Ease Consulting

CloudEase helps businesses find and implement the best cloud-based solution for their business. CloudEase customers enjoy less manual data entry, a more streamlined business and the ability to upgrade more systems as they scale.


We help business owners open their minds to what is possible - then provide them with the solution and implementation services they need to get there.”

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Maisey Harris & Co

We are a collective organisation that seeks to bring our client success in their business with our energy, our expertise and our vast connections across a range of disciplines.

New Zealand

Partnered with Xero and using unique fixed-price service packages, we are able to focus on looking forward instead of backwards like traditional accountants do. Identifying opportunities and providing real solutions to help you get where you want to be.

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Becloudsmart products empower businesses to create a measurable advantage through digital transformation.

Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland

We are enabling small businesses to make ‘right’ decisions around seamless integration of intelligent cloud solutions so they can move forward in their digital transformation.

DAVID MAHER, Co-Founder & Chief Partner Officer
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Principality Consulting

Principality Consulting (PCL) is a business consultancy based in north Wales with a track record of helping private and public-sector organisations across the UK and Europe review their activities to identify and quantify innovative solutions. through

United Kingdom

I enjoy finding a business, applying some lean principles… improving the way that business works, and locking in the improvements we find with some software which can make sure that the gains we find can be sustained throughout the life of the business.

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The Professional Builder

The team at The Professional Builder have been helping building and construction companies to grow their businesses over the last 11 years.

New Zealand

So if you want to fast track your results and create a well systemised business on-site and in the office… a sales and marketing machine that works wonders, understand the numbers and how to control them to drive more profit, then you have come to the right place.

MARTI AMOS, Company Director
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