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Tauranga Yacht and Power Boat Club (TYPBC)

The New Zealand National Register of P-class yachts is maintained by TYPBC and held and managed securely in TidyStock. P-class yachts need a certificate of origin proving their current and historical ownership to enable their owner to compete in annual yacht races. Those certificates are printed directly from TidyStock as a customised report. 

The history of Tauranga Yacht and Power Boat Club and the National Register of P-class yachts

The Tauranga Yacht and Powerboat Club (TYPBC) has a long history as one of the oldest sailing clubs in New Zealand. Founded in 1920, it was the home club of yacht designer Harry Highet; his Tauranga class yacht is today known as the P-class and has grown in popularity from its Tauranga base since 1924.


Tauranga Yacht and Power Boat Club - P-class


The P-class yacht is a small single sail dinghy, a training boat for young people in New Zealand and famous for being the sailing trainer vessel for entrants into the sport of sailing. Many of the winners of the national P-Class regattas have gone on to win major international sailing events from Olympic Gold to the Americas Cup. Competitions are held annually; virtually every famous New Zealand yachtsman, including Sir Peter Blake, Chris Dickson and Russell Coutts, began their sailing career in P-class yachts. Four members of the 2016 NZ Olympic sailing team, including Gold medal winner Peter Burling and Bronze medal winner Sam Meech, are members of Tauranga’s TYPBC.

"TidyStock has been a huge improvement on the handling of the P Class Register. It has allowed us to move away from reliance on a particular computer to a cloud based product. The Team at Tidy has been fantastic at setting up a custom report to fit our reporting requirements."

Gary Smith

Commodore, TYPBC

Competitions are an integral part of every sports career. In sailing, a certificate of origin that proves the yachts' authenticity and ownership history, is a pre-requisite to sail in any of the Championship races. These certificates are issued by the New Zealand National Register which was kept on paper until the 1980s when it was transferred onto a Lotus database. Certificates were printed manually.

The National Register was transferred into the cloud when the TYPBC adopted TidyStock through the Tidy Giving Programme. The aim was to improve access to information, easy updating of ownership changes and flexibility of when and where certificates are printed.  The certificates required for National Championships are set up in TidyStock as a custom report, designed to fit TYPBCs and the National Register’s specific requirements. These certificates can now be printed directly by TYPBC officials logging in to TidyStock anywhere.The frantic search for that misplaced yet vital piece of paper before the race, is now a distant memory rather than an annual reality.

TidyStock now securely holds the history and ownership information of every single P-class yacht in NZ, approximately 2000 records containing the detailed history of 400+ P-class yachts.