New integration between Tidy and EzzyBills

16 June 2020

Tidy is pleased to announce the integration of our products with EzzyBills.

EzzyBills is a popular business transaction (document) scanning app for bills, receipts, etc. With this add-on connector, these transactions are now able to seamlessly flow from EzzyBills into Tidy, where they can be accurately matched and attached to associated projects, stock movements, etc. before being on-committed to your financial accounting general ledger (Xero).

New integration between Tidy and EzzyBills

With this Tidy-EzzyBills cloud integration, your internal management accounting and specific cost allocations can be organised and kept in-sync with your financial accounting. Within Tidy you can now develop more targeted reporting and insight by associating inbound and outbound transactions with people, projects, suppliers and customers. Use this insight to question and resolve possible areas of inefficiency and ultimately provide an improved level of customer service.

Whether you use TidyWork, TidyStock, TidyBuildor TidyEnterprise, the EzzyBills connector will save time, reduce errors, and increase your transaction visibility and productivity by being able to apply each document to the right area of workflow with ease. Now you can more accurately understand and control your costs within specific areas of your business by project, team or individual.

When an invoice is uploaded to EzzyBills it automatically appears within Tidy, ready to be processed. The EzzyBills data will already have been matched within Tidy to make the allocation task for users simple, fast, and accurate.



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