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Llungen Lures

Llungen Lures L.L.C is a family and veteran owned fishing tackle manufacturing and distribution company based out of Southern Illinois.

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My business would fail without Tidy Stock. The man hours that we would expend just managing our inventory - we would not have been able to survive. We're talking thousands of man hours a year. In order for our business to survive, it was imperative that we had something like this. Staying up with technology and integrating technology into our company has been a vital part of its growth.


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As a small business owner, time is one of my most valuable resources. TidyStock has enabled us to manage a robust inventory and supply chain that simply wouldn't be possible with the size of our staff. I simply can't even begin to quantify how many man hours we have saved using this product over the last 4 years. To be quite frank, I'm not sure our business would have survived in the competitive marketplace we're in without a tool like this. Any time we've hit a snag with the program or integration (mostly all user error) the TidyStock team has been extremely responsive with their customer support. Overall A+++.

Chris Piha, Owner