The Tidy Developer API

The Developer API allows 3rd-party developers to create applications or connectors that retrieve data from or add data to a TidyWork, TidyBuild or TidyStock account.

To use the Developer API, you must have the feature enabled for your organization. Contact Tidy to have this feature turned on.

The API is implemented using JSON objects over HTTPS using all four REST commands – GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. The API closely follows REST principles.

Exercising the API

To use the API, you can begin building your intended client and make the web calls from within it. However, you may wish to explore the API in a more freeform manner, in which case a command line tool is more convenient. One such tool is curl, which can be downloaded for most platforms from curl.haxx.se.

The API Access feature must be turned on for the organisation that requires access. Contact Tidy to have this feature enabled.

XML Support

By default, the Tidy API supports the JSON protocol. For XML support, see Appendix: XML support.