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API requests are made to TidyStock, TidyBuild or TidyWork using the URL that a customer would normally use for access via a browser, e.g. or

API methods are accessed using basic authentication over secure HTTP (HTTPS), where the username is an access token and the password is blank.  The access token can be generated and retrieved by a Resource Administrator from the User configuration Global Settings page from within TidyWork, TidyBuild or TidyStock.  Resource Administrators must enable API access explicitly for each user that requires it.  Note, the option will only be available if the API access feature has been enabled for the organisation.

The token can be copied and pasted into your application to access TidyWork or TidyStock using that User's identity.  If the token is ever compromised, a new one can be generated from this page.

If you have curl installed on your machine, you can test this by entering the following command into a command window, replacing the xxxx’s with a valid access token, and with your valid TidyStock or TidyWork URL: