Working at Tidy

Meet Team Tidy

Get to know some of Team Tidy and read about the work they do.

Kyra Zhang

It feels good to apply my thoughts on real businesses and keep having challenges from customer feedback.

Sharon Wong

I think the most interesting project I've worked on so far is our current Purchase Orders project. Being able to improve the current functionality with customer input and our own internal planning has been a very interesting process to work through.

Graham Mackintosh

The most interesting thing I've done has to be building the search app for our website chat bot. It was a novel project working within very strict borders of both screen space, and processing time.

Joachim Velzel

I have always been fascinated with what the future would allow us to be able to do. From an early age, I have wanted to be an inventor. Tidy enables me to use these interests I have to help improve the company and achieve the vision.

Doria Kao

I was surprised by the level of importance of the work I was doing. At first, I thought I would only be doing background research or assisting with my supervisor's work. But I was given the welcome challenge of designing two whole frameworks.

Juhee Son

I had the opportunity to be the team leader for the PROBE team for a week and had the chance to lead, organise, and run team meetings.

Bryan Lai

The work culture and how my days are never the same! I got to work on different projects on a weekly basis. I am currently doing research on healthcare and e-commerce.