Tidy Start


Tidy Start is the programme that outlines what you as Tidy Start Partner, can expect and what Tidy expects from you.


Partners are an essential intermediary for Tidy and customers; to optimise the use of our software and achieve the best outcome.


Certified Tidy Partners are professionals in a range of services they provide to end-user customers. Some of these services require the partner to demonstrate sound knowledge of Tidy software through their staff becoming certified. These services include:


  • Software knowledge: Partners know different software packages and which package is best suited to the customer’s needs to solve particular business challenges. To identify which product is best, business needs will be analysed and matched [Certification is required to show a minimum level of knowledge in Tidy software]
  • Business Analysis: Partners understand how business processes need to be sequenced for software to provide the most suitable solution for the customer’s needs. This includes understanding how to translate business processes into technology language. If the customer requires a particular feature, the partner will ensure the challenge is presented in a manner so the software developer (Tidy) can create the optimal solution or specific Advanced Reporting.
  • Onboarding: Partners will provide the most time and cost efficient way of making the transition from previous methodology to the new software. This includes how to export data from the software being retired and importing this data into Tidy [Certification is required to show a minimum level of knowledge how this is achieved with Tidy software].
  • Training: Partners know how to train customers to implement and use the software, to achieve the most from their investment [Certification is required to show a minimum level of training proficiency in Tidy software].
  • Software Development: Partners may develop additional functionality or connections to other cloud applications using the Tidy API.




Why invest money and time to become a Tidy Partner?


Partners provide solutions to the challenges their clients face in the day-to-day running of their business. Having sound knowledge of software solutions, strong relationships and effective communication with the Tidy team and their own clients, they select the most suitable business solutions.


Tidy offers the opportunity to gain a steady income with the delivery of consulting services, initial and ongoing training. This income includes fees from:


  • Chargeable software support; initial, periodic, ad-hoc.
  • Initial and on-going consultancy advice; ideally through the ‘Advisor’ User Role within Tidy software settings.
  • Chargeable training; initial, periodic, ad-hoc.
  • Software development via the Tidy API.
  • Advanced Report specification.


Customers gain from the Tidy Start partnership programme by getting competent advice on the best software solution for their challenges. They can access on-site support for a smooth transition to the new software and ongoing training and support.




What does Tidy expect from Partners?


Partners pay an annual fee for each staff member to become certified which qualifies the Partner as a Tidy Start Partner.


For a staff member of the Partner to be certified, they must:


  • Learn the software and be able to demonstrate their knowledge in a test environment and conversation with the Tidy technical team
  • Show proficiency and capability to perform all demos and pre-sales work (relationship building and advice)
  • Show proficiency and capability to perform all the integration and on boarding work
  • Show proficiency and capability to provide pre and post sales support to the customer
  • Show a satisfactory level of customer conversion and retention and therefore customer growth. For this, the Partner must provide a measureable plan
  • Ensure all customer subscription payments are kept current. Tidy will invoice the Partner at the Partner discounted subscription rate and the Partner will invoice the customer at the full subscription rate
  • Ensure customers are kept up-to-date with Tidy software releases that are relevant to their software solution
  • The ongoing commission paid to the Partner, is to cover the Partner for the time spent responding to technical and support queries and to divert those queries from the Tidy technical team.




Partners will:


  • Work with a dedicated Partner Account Manager (PAM) within the Tidy Team
  • Have a landing page on the tidyinternational.com website
  • Register all sales opportunities with Tidy to ensure opportunities are linked to the Partner
  • Receive 25% commission on the User fee element, by way of a discounted invoice, for the Partner’s subscription-paying Tidy clients